I’m still hurt.

I’ve been dating someone new for about 3 months now… But I’m worried whether or not I’m ready to go further than just dating. My last experience is still holding me back. The person I’m with now treats me very well and he is very patient.

I’m worried whether or not I really love him. I don’t know and usually when I date someone I easily fall into the
honeymoon stage… But I haven’t yet and I’m just not sure.

Be bold


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Today I wanted to have a nice lip color on! So I stuck on some fuchsia lips! It’s stood out and was wonderful because today was so rainy and gloomy!

Being able to wear such vibrant colors makes me feel very bold and I can see people staring at me and they compliment me ~ so that’s a plus too haha! IMG_0048.JPG

I’m much happier than I was last night c: yay! For the power of make up.

Day 4 – 11:11

Good morning world!

As a student, I am constantly creating bs just to pass my classes. Rn as I am typing I’m actually procrastinating. I’m suuuuuuuper nervous for my marketing class. I have to do a presentation, I’m quite the awkward turtle…. And my team mates didn’t complete the project till about 1:30 AM TODAY. So….. I don’t have much info to work with here. So, today! I am going to do my best to my abilities to have an okay presentation. Gonna have to talk for 10 mins straight.

I hope I do a good job! 😰

Is it just me?


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Sometimes I feel very alone. I have friends, family and even a special someone now. I feel lost and empty. It’s these kinds of nights that haunt me. I’m up for hours alone in my own thoughts. I end up passing out eventually, waking up, and reliving this cycle. I really need to find something to release this stress.

You’re worth so much more.


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Don’t let people bring u down. You’re a really caring and sweet person. It’s okay to be sad and selfish sometimes. You’ve given so much of yourself away. You deserve to be happy and content with yourself.

Please don’t look in the mirror and not see how awesome you look when you’re smiling. Smile, smile everyday because u deserve to.